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"Streams of Consciousness-50 years of Learning"


Prepare yourself for a unique insight into the life of one of the world’s most accomplished fly fishermen.  Streams of Consciousness – 50 Years of Learning will cover lessons learnt fishing the USA but also the hard core of competition and European river strategies. The program will explore Charles’ belief that: “All techniques have relevance when fishing any river, anywhere, any place in this universe. Tactics (and fish) know no barriers or languages.” It is normal for us newsletter editors to edit the bios we receive from presenters. As you read Charles’ biography you will appreciate why we kept his words intact and unabridged.


Charles Jardine has been fly fishing for 56 years: which is a very long time to not have learned much. During that time, he has cast and fished (and also written and painted) around a good bit of the globe. Won a few awards and made as much chaos as he possibly can.  Jardine guided (and still does, sometimes) on the Southern English Chalk streams; been extraordinarily fortunate to be honored by the Federation (of Fly Fishers) , with Ambassador  Award; the  President’s Pin awards  (which he cherishes) and being a honored as a  Legend of American Fly fishing (curious, for someone from Southern England.) which was very flattering!  He has written (and illustrated) quite a few books, which have, curiously, done quite well. Notably the Classic (Sotheby’s: in the UK) Guide to Fly-Fishing that was published in 5 different languages and sold over 80 thousand copies world-wide. – quite a lot for an angling book! (apparently). He has also written, illustrated and contributed to over twenty more.  Charles was humbled to be awarded Game Angler of the year by sky sports a couple of years ago, and silver medallist at the ESPN Outdoor Games in update New York.: (Luck!!)  Jardine was at the very start and the formation of the IFFF Casting certification programme. He maintains a close association with Sage and RIO products (he has been associated with Sage s long as any normal person can remember).   He has been Chair of the prestigious Fly Dressers Guild (and remains vice Chair). 

Currently he is, very proudly, the director of the England Youth Fly Fishing Team; and working on his opus – Fishing 4 Schools. Directing operation with TCAF and taking our fabulous sport into urban areas and less privileged populations, where he sees fishing as a true opportunity for young people to learn and heal from, and a chance to enthuse a future generation as well as address mental; health issues – an area where the calm of angling can play a significant role in helping. 

His passion remains undiminished. And while a little slower, still tries to keep up with his Black Labrador, Midge and does his best keeping pace with his fabulous two childrenAngling Fanatical, Alex and the skate and surfboard queen, Annabelle.

Expect: Chaos, information – a little madness – pictures of dogs – odd things that can, and do, happen and some nuggets of information…. somewhere in the midst. And even an embracing of the darker angling side…..but you will have to visit to find out what that is. 

Jardine loves life… and fishing. Still.